There are various way to travel to isla plana for your stay, much depends on time scale and how many are traveling. you can drive, ferry and drive, fly.

below are listed the most common ways and the routes to take.







most major airline fly into murcia airport. easyjet-ryan air- monarch-ba-iberia etc. flights are restricted as this is a military airport and airlines are schedualed around military operations. you can also fly to alicante or the new coveara airport when it opens in 2013.

murcia is about a 35-40 min drive to the villa.

coverea will be around the same but using the new ap7 motorway.

alicante can take upto 2hrs to reach the villa but normally 1hr 30 is average.



you can travel by ferry to either bilboa or santandar ports then drive across spain which takes around 6hrs. the advantage being you can get an overnight ferry from portsmouth which leave around 6-10 am and arrives in spain the next day around mid morning or early evening, you also have your own car which saves on hire car charges. the drive from santandar to isla plana is mostly main roads and 100-120kmh all the way. aa route finder is a good way to plan your journey.



by car you can travel to one of many ports in france, then drive through france and into spain. we would recomend working an overnight stay in france as this is a long journey. again aa route finder will help you plan your journey.



you can hire a car from most airports but it does pay to book in advance.

using a search engine or check out DO YOU SPAIN you can hire a car from as litte as 8 euros a day. most will get you to pay for a full tank of fuel when you pick up the car which is around 70-80 euros and for tyre and breakdown cover.[ this will be around 30 euros and could save you hundreds if you kerb a wheel or break down] driving in spain is easy but most smart phone will have a free sat nav app that will get you to most destinations with only a few problem. [i use navman or WAZE free app for iphone but you need to keep updating the maps?]

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