The area around Cartagena is volcanic in origin and if you look at the mountains around the campo you can make out extinct volcanoes among the hills. 


The mud baths at Lo Pagan near San Pedro del Pinatar are also evidence of the volcanic nature of the area. 


Another site which shows this volcanic nature is the hot springs at El Saladillo near the Camposol urbanisation.

The springs are a 5 min drive or a pleasant walk from Sector B. 


The area provides good evidence of this volcanic history.  The springs are a constant 50%c and there is a continuous spurt of water gushing out of the ground.  Unfortunately it is not put to any real use, there are some hole dug in the ground and channels have also been dug to take the water into the holes so it is possible to bathe in the water but there is no Facilities at the site so you will have to make your own arrangements about changing etc.


To find the springs take the road MU 603 out

of Mazarron and turn right at the chapel at El Saladillo, there is a restaurant on the left.  Take the track that runs around the back of the chapel and which runs downhill towards the Rambla Del Canal you may be able to drive but it is an easy walk and is about 1.5km to the springs, you will see a patch of dense vegetation at the edge of the Ramble when you reach them.


If you are driving and you reach Camposol you have gone too far. The springs can be very busy in the summer and you may have to queue to use them.        

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